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The Smart House system predicts what you want at the moment, it knows yours habits and makes everything to make your surrounding as comfortable and cosy as possible. There would be no necessity to think about controlling the temperature, safety or lighting systems, your Smart House will automate them . The only thing you have to participate in is configuration.

The statistic module allows you to control usage of gas, electricity, water and heat. Thanks to it, you can receive precise reports and charts. Those statistics are very useful in controlling and optimizing consumption of those goods.

The Smart House helps you safe resources and money thanks to intelligent management of energy, heating, air control and ventilation. Optimizes energy  consumption and reduces maintenance costs.

All these solutions cause life of its users changing for the best.


Even when you are absent, you can control all functions in the smart home. Thanks to a special application running on each device and cooperating with all software systems, you can operate the whole system of smart home wherever you are.

No matter what you do and where you are, if you're using a phone or tablet, your home is in your hand. You don't have to worry anymore about leaving light shutters open, switched on iron, etc .. Integrated monitoring system will allow you to observe what is happening in your property and in your home during your business trip or holiday with the family. With only one click you can prepare home for your return. In the same way, you can protect it from all threatens. It has never been so easy. Your home is always with you.


We create facilities, increase security, we give your house intelligence. Smart House will give you everything you want: comfort, peace and above all time. This will allow you to fully enjoy your home environment.

You will be satisfied – for sure.

Control systems. You will be notified immediately in case of failure of the following systems: water, heating, electricity, air conditioning, ventilation, protection, monitoring, internet connection, etc.

Access Control. In case of unauthorized access to the building or the grounds there are activated alarms. The system activates the alarm. Light and sound will be released what is more, you will be called and receive message containing a picture or video from surveillance cameras.

Remote monitoring. Camera control monitoring via the Internet. The recording can be continuous or only when the movement is detected. Recordings are saved through the encoded channel on the remote server. Recordings are available for inspection at any time. The system can be controlled from anywhere on Earth.

The sound from intercom in every room, and the video can be played back on your tablet, phone and TV. You can talk and see who is trying to enter. You can let him in without leaving tasks you are doing at the moment.

Emergency situations.  In case of a water leak sensor actuation system automatically cuts off its supply. You are immediately informed about such an event.

Presence simulation. Are you going away for a few days, but you do not want anyone to know about it? House Intelligent System created by IRGEN imitates the presence of family members: the evening light will automatically turn on, draw the curtains, turn on the TV and music, there will also be a sound of people talking and dog barking.

Control of electrical equipment. Remote control of the house. You can turn off the stove or iron from your phone. When you leave the house, the system automatically turns off all electrical appliances except for those necessary as a washing machine or refrigerator.

Lighting scenarios. You can create your own lighting scenarios. Early wake up, lazy evening or a busy day. The system designed by IRGEN, remember your daily routine, adapting it to the level of light at different times. Suitable scenario can be enabled by a single hand movement.

Lightning automation. Lighting automatically shuts down or changes its mode . It is set on the basis of the signals from the motion sensors, the exposure and the position of the door. Thanks to the automatic lighting you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

Intelligent switches. Thanks to assigning switches to groups of lighting elements, switching them on or off throughout the house it is much more comfortable.

Control of curtains. Control your home lighting with the help of intelligent automatic control system. Morning curtains slide open automatically with the clock, and in the evening slide shut when you turn on the light in the room.

Lighting the property. Create lighting scenarios for the property and control them automatically or manually. For example, in the twilight turns lighting the path, in summer it can activated when someone comes and become noticed by mounted sensors.

Scenarios outside the home / home. You press one button, and your smart home automatically switches to outside mode.

Centralized management. Multiroom System enables you to manage audio devices and video around your home from one place. You can listen to music or display images in any part of the house, regardless of where the source.

Voice alerts. Your Home Smart notify you through multiroom system for news on the intercom, mobile, tripped sensors leakage etc., Lowering both music and television sound.

Sound tracing.  Enjoy your favorite music anywhere in the home. With motion sensors, the system determines the position of the listener and automatically turns the sound in spaces where you go, and excludes those that you left.

Climate control. Unified management and control of: heating system, underfloor heating, ventilation, air conditioning, filtration and humidification. Intelligent IRGEN optimize temperature and air quality in your home.

Zoning. Each zone is controlled separately. Temperature is adjusted depending on the hour, destination zone or the presence of people.

The ventilation system. Ventilation can work independently. Monitoring of the level of carbon dioxide in the room automatically turns it on, when the air reaches dangerously high contamination.

Humidification. Sets the desired level of humidity. If the humidity rises or falls in relation to the selected reference value, the system will work automatically,  restoring an adequate level.

Air purification. Intelligent cleaning ensures clean and safe air. You will not have to worry about allergies to dust or animal dander. Adjust the operation purifiers for your needs and enjoy the fresh air in your house.

Home weather station. Home weather station tells you about the weather and notifies you and your house about predicted weather conditions. When you leave the house, the system will remind you to take an umbrella.

Intelligent prepare a comfortable temperature for each room. Smart house designed by IRGEN takes into account not only the temperature in the room, but also information from external sensors. This allows the system to create a comfortable and the most adequate atmosphere.

The system automatically adjusts the temperature of the floor.  When you are not at home, the system starts energy saving mode, which significantly reduces its consumption.

Fan coil is an air heating system often used in rooms with glass walls. By controlling the supply of heating medium supporting heat and power blowing system, House of Intelligent ensures silent operation fan coil unit.

Statistics. You can view the readings from statistic center such as meters used of gas, electricity, heating and water, as well as readings from sensors from  raphs for different periods of time.

Storing data. The system saves the readings, and information about the use of electrical appliances.

Heating mode. By controlling modes of heating at your home, you can save up to 30% energy. Coming out of the house, simply run mode "economic", and the  house will be maintained only the minimum temperature.

Climate control. The climate control ensures the smooth simultaneous operation of all subsystems (heating, underfloor heating, ventilation, air conditioning, filters and humidifiers).

Automation lighting. The lighting system decides to switch on the lights and the mode in which they are incorporated. This operation is based on information from the motion sensors, door position, time of day and sunlight.

Remote control operation of the sauna.  You can turn on the heating in a sauna remotely from any location, so it will be ready for your arrival.

House Intelligent check the operation of the equipment pool. With sensors mounted system of IRGEN specified time will turn the filter, set the  temperature and pH level, as well as provide him water if the level fell due to evaporation.

Smart House will take care of your plants. The system will analyze indicators of soil moisture, rainfall, temperature, and if necessary, plug plants and flowers. You can also automate watering plants at home.

Smart House will take care of your aquarium. The system will let you know when the temperature and pH level of the water exceed the allowable ranges.

You can remotely control household appliances. For example, in the morning when you wake up, coffee machine automatically prepares you a coffee. You can also remotely start cleaning robot, or feed the animals.

Save what is important in the calendar. At the time when the system will remind you of the event .


Are you looking for information about automation of lighting or heating system at your home? Would you like to know more about what a smart home is and what function does it have? You don't have to read long boring texts or watch confusing promoting clips. In our office located on Wielicka street in Krakow, you can see and personally test the operation of such systems and independently check its performance, control it and set some features up.

In our office you will find two fully functional systems. One based on equipment produced by Polish manufacturer - Nexwell and one German - Larnitech. The second one is installed in our showroom. Rest of the office is supported on the Nexwell devices. They control lighting, heating, alarm, blinds, curtains, sound system, and even a coffee maker. We can control the entire system by mobiles phones, tablets or stationary screens mounted on the walls. In our case that would be an iPad and wall tablet. The rest of the office is controlled by the smartphone, LCD panel and Fox TOUCH button created by Nexwell company. Thanks to such installation our clients are able to look closer how the system works and in person check it out.

Lighting consists of several groups of light: ceiling lamp LED, RGB tapes and even free-standing lamp, which is also connected to the system. In addition to the normal switching on and off, the light can also be dimmed and brightened. This operation may also be fully automated by the reaction of the motion or position of the doors and the time of the day.


Heating control is represented by an electric fireplace installed in showroom and all the radiators located in the office. They react to changes in temperature in the room. The desired temperature is implemented in a tablet. They may also be bounded with a calendar.

Blinds in the office are programmed in such a way that the rise when you enter the office, and closes when the work day ends. Of course you can also optionaly change their positions during the day. The veil of the showroom is programmed similarly.

Sound is divided into two zones - showroom and the rest of the office. This allows you to refer to the transfer of music or voice transmission between rooms. The distinguishing feature of our systems is the ability to play different music in each zone. In showroom' also have a TV and a panel for controlling the whole system. Object can be controlled from anywhere in the world, having only tablet with the system's software and an Internet connection.



Number of functions and capabilities of the set up and automation is much higher, but we do not want to force you to read about it. We want to encourage you to visit our office, where you can find out yourself. We invite you and assure you, that after visiting us, Smart House will no longer be a secret for you.

Myth 1: Useless toy
More than 510 new features in the house makes life really comfortable. Additionally, the user saves resources and receives security system. It makes Dom Intelligent company IRGEN become an indispensable part of your life.

Myth 2: A variety of cables, sensors and equipment
Installation of the system requires minimal Larnitech wires. Lighting and motion sensors are discreet and compact, and all equipment can be placed in a standard electrical box. In addition, our systems always perfectly with the decor.

Myth 3: Too hard to handle
The system can be controlled using your phone, tablet or conventional switches. Operational scenarios subsystem creates a three clicks. At the beginning of use of the system you will be trained by staff from IRGEN with its use. At any time, you can also contact our technical support team, ready to answer any questions and solve any problem.

Myth 4: Anyone can easily spoof
An attacker can not gain access to the control over your home. In the system developed by IRGEN we use advanced AES encryption algorithm, which is also used in the banking sector.

Myth 5: Smart House is a big expense
IRGEN Company offers a modern solution for your home at an affordable price. Apartment equipped with smart home system uses 30% less energy. The system makes it possible to prevent loss due to fire, water leakage and unauthorized intrusion into the home. Costs of recovering assets can be several times higher than the cost of the entire system.