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IRGEN Company is a team of professionals, our experience supported by knowledge, training, and enthusiasm allows you to work at the highest level, ensuring reliability, safety and comfort.

Smart House and security systems

IRGEN Company is one of the first in Poland, distributors and installers of innovative solutions for building automation German company LarniTech. The company, in collaboration with MimiSystems created a unique product which is the system of home automation and office "Smart House". The new line of products combines ease of assembly and installation of a wide range of system functions. The use of advanced components allows the device to create a compact and economical. The team of designers and programmers has created a unique, easy to use software to control the system, which allows our customers to manage even the most complex tasks. Today's world is undergoing the largest in the history of a period of rapid development of information technology. We are fully aware of this trend and we are doing everything in our power to go against your expectations. Thanks to our advanced, environmentally friendly products help to conserve natural resources, and fulfilling our mission to create modern houses combining innovative ideas, comfort and safety. Great example of the combination of these values ​​is integrated with the Smart House system monitoring. This solution allows full control and home control from anywhere on earth. The integrated camera significantly increases safety. Large selection of cameras and their installation possibilities allow for discreet placement of them and reap the same benefits from their installation. Through the implementation of such safety systems, significantly increases the quality of life. Combined with the functions of the smart home, monitoroingu, IP intercom and many others, they communicate by light signals, sound transmission, providing information about the adverse effect on the property.

Outsourcing IT

Our company offers a wide range of services in the sphere of information technologies on extremely favorable terms for both parties. We present an individual approach to solving the problems of our clients, so that companies that are our partners, are provided with comprehensive services in the field of IT. Working with our customers continuously analyze and modernize their IT infrastructure. Informing on time about the possibility of acceleration of any business process or saving time is our fundamental duty. Our company offers a full range of services related to computers, servers, network equipment and office. At the moment over 70% of our customers gets to us with the command of our previous clients. We hope that you will be the exception and turn to us after reading this page. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.