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LarniTech is a German manufacturer of automation systems for home and office called "Smart House". The company is located in Cologne. The new product line called Larnitech combines ease of assembly and installation of a wide range of system functions. The use of advanced components allows us to create the device compact and economical.


The Nexwell Company is a Polish manufacturer and developer of systems management functions of the smart home. Nexwell architecture integrates solutions extensive alarm and home automation such as: lighting, heating, air conditioners, recuperators, window treatments, electric windows, gates, sprinklers and other devices present in the infrastructure of the building. The system provides full access, regardless of where in the world, automated via the Internet and telephone. While on holiday you can always check if the alarm is armed, the light is turned off or just lower the temperature.


AutoID is a company dedicated to providing solutions based on automatic identification of objects, events and people using the most modern world technologies. Integrated System for Registration of Persons and Vehicles AutoID technology is suitable for the needs of individual and business customers.


Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management and automation. Serving customers in more than 100 countries, helping their energy management and processes in a safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable manner. Starting from simple switches to complex operating systems, their technology, software and services refine business management and process automation.



AUDIO Trendt is distributor of home theater equipment, projectors, screens and stereo. Their are in possession of hardware from many well-known companies such as Pioneer, Panasonic, Sonus Faber, Jamo, Paradigm, Onkyo, Samsung, LG, TANNOY, Quadral, TEAC, Sony, JBL, Denon, Harman / Kardon, Koda, Yamaha, Cambridge audio, Infinity and others. Moreover, they sell plasma and LCD.



NOTA BENE this Wroclaw wholesale, shop and gallery, which combines modern technology with a sophisticated artistic style. Their activities are focused on the import and distribution of high quality electrical materials and decorative elements for the interior. Styling products that are on offer is varied, from modern to historic, so everyone will find something for himself.


VIMAR is an Italian company producing electrical installation equipment. Characteristic for their products is a unique design and a very large selection of decorative frames. The highest quality and passion for innovation provide a guarantee of satisfaction.