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In our offer we also have safety systems that interact well with all kinds of intelligent solutions for homes, apartments and offices. We combine them into a single, user-friendly unit, making use of them is very simple and they guarantee a very high level of security. These systems support each other and thus respective functions are fully automatic. The whole is based on wired, low voltage systems, so they are very safe and reliable.





Nowadays, cameras are with us at every step. They are mounted in public institutions, commercial buildings, but also on private residential applications, in homes and apartments. We treat them as a primary means of ensuring the safety of our property and ourselves. In addition to the recording of events in the observed area, they are also a great preventive measure. The presence significantly reduces the probability of monitoring the occurrence of adverse events. Its very fitting acts as a deterrent. A well-constructed system also allows you to reduce the number of security personnel exercising custody of the protected object, and thus, reduce the costs incurred in this respect.

IRGEN Company offers assembly and installation of IP cameras, both internal and external. The equipment is chosen individually to customer needs. Cameras can in a fully automatic work with motion sensors, lights, doors, etc. position. Image Registration can take place in a continuous mode or can be activated by sensors. In the case where the monitoring system is configured with a smart home, you can control it from any mobile device, from anywhere in the world, so it has a continuous control of the situation prevailing on his estate. IP cameras are different from each other depending on their destination and the place of their installation. These mounted on the outside of buildings must meet completely different standards than the device installed in the premises. Models outdoor events are characterized by a special resistance to temperature and precipitation, and often are supplemented with infrared LEDs, whose task is to illuminate the image at night. Some of them also have a remote-controlled lens, the position of which can be changed manually or program the operation to function automatically.

Taking care of the highest quality of our services, we work only with the best suppliers of equipment for montoringu. Cameras are always selected according to the installation site and synchronized with the entire system. As a result, the recorded image is always at the highest level. We provide professional installation of cameras and other monitoring systems in the city of Krakow and the entire Polish.

Alarm systems, is another essential element in ensuring security against intrusion, theft or unauthorized intrusion on the premises or building. The most common solutions are passive sensors and magnetic sensors installed in places where it may be trespassing on the property, ie. The front door, windows, garage doors, etc.. Today's alarms are not limited to simple, basic functions but are connected with the system Intelligent home. This leads to their full automation.


They work with any sensors taken into account in the design of smart home. The system is managed through the software used to control the smart house, so it is very simple and possible from any place on Earth. Systems installed by our company are not only the highest quality of performance and efficiency, but also an extraordinary ease of use and sophisticated design.

Intercoms are the cheapest and most basic element of security. Thanks to its simplicity and multifunctionality are an integral part of any apartment, house or business. Modern intercom systems provide video and audio in high definition. They allow you to control dzwiami, gate or gate. With domofonom integrated with the system's Intelligent House IRGEN information about people trying to get to our house to get talefon, tablet and other mobile devices.